Apple Senior Manager: Jobs called me ‘f**ckchop’

Macworld Australia Staff
12 June, 2012
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To Steve Jobs, Andy Grignon was more than just a Senior Manger at Apple and the brains behind the company’s software products such as iChat  iSight and Dashboard. He was also, according to the late CEO, a “f**kchop”.

Grignon, who helped design the iPhone and received the first ever call on the device,  revealed that Jobs affectionately referred to him as ‘f**kchop’ on Geeklist – an online tool currently in early beta where  ”geeks share their achievements and resources, and connect with companies they love”.

Grignon, after signing up to the service, shared the anecdote from his time at the company:

“In the early iChatAV days, one of the many things Steve Jobs called me was a “f**kchop”. When I got to iPod, I thought it would make a nice title,” Grignon wrote.

The message was posted with an accompanying Instagram image of his business card during his time working as part of the iPod team at Apple – where Grignon cheekily added ‘F**kchop’ to his working title, having been approved by Apple Printing.

To read Grignon’s full account check out his his Facebook page here.


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  1. Lindsay says:


    I wonder what those two letters could be. Flockchop? Frackchop? Fracking is big controversy at the moment, I guess that could be used as an insult. Oh Steve!

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