Apple sends out letters to iMac owners with faulty Seagate hard drives

Mark Hattersley
26 October, 2012
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Apple yesterday started sending emails to owners of iMacs potentially fitted with faulty Seagate hard drives outlining three methods to obtain a replacement drive.

The news that Apple had extended its hard drive replacement program for Macs sold between October 2009 and July 2011 was broken by Macworld on 15 October 2012. Macworld itself uses some iMacs purchased from that period and we started noticing faults some months ago.

The letter outlines three options to get a replacement drive under the “iMac 1TB Seagate Hard Drive Replacement Program” and Apple makes the following statement: “Apple has determined that certain 1TB Seagate hard drives used in 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMac systems may fail. These systems were sold between October 2009 and July 2011.”

- Apple Retail Store – set up an appointment with a Genius

- Apple Authorised Service Provider

- Apple Technical Support – Contact for local service options.

Macworld advises iMac owners with a 1TB hard drive purchased during this period make a back-up immediately using Time Machine (or another back-up solution) and contact Apple to organise a hard drive replacement.

iMac 1TB Seagate Hard Drive Replacement Programme


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  1. BenJohnston says:

    If you get the email I’d recommend clicking on the link ‘iMac 1TB Seagate Hard Drive Replacement Program’ and put your actual serial number into the webpage to double check. I got the email, but my serial returns as not affected. The other thing to do is go into Disc Utility and see what model hard drive you have, mine’s listed as ‘WDC WD1001FALS-403AA0′ which is a Western Digital, which I believe is the same drive they will replace your faulty Seagate one with. If anyone knows this not to be correct please let me know as I’ll book my machine in!!

  2. Alex Jackson says:

    After my drive crashed regularly which caused the iMac tooverheat, I arranged two calls with their paid telephone department £30 service calls to resolve the issue. After that didn’t work I took it into the store which is in a different city. They said after a clean install of the operating system it should work. It didn’t so I went back to the store.

    I noticed that they tried to recreate the same conditions which was usually file transfers from external hardrives however they used usb with only small amounts of data transfer. When I said they should use a bigger drive the iMac became too hot to touch and crashed. They said I would need a new drive putting in at cost. I said I was in UK Warranty.

    The Head Genius said that Apple only offer a year warranty. I showed in the sales of goods act which permits up to five and the EU law which clearly states two. He adamantly refused. That day I saw lots of customers in store paying for clear manufacturing faults despite their products still being in warranty.…anty_fine.html

    I initiated a small claims. The store manager called me and said I was wrong that they had a right to charge. I continued the legal action at a cost of £94 for court application.

    17 threatening calls from apple and they then offered a “goodwill replacement”. I refused as its not goodwill its a legal requirement for them to repair and as they have refused on 3 occasions I wanted a refund additionally this goodwill would not renew the warranty or cover the legal expense.

    Later after they had called another 10+ times they offered a replacement again under the term goodwill.

    They had their defence struck, but applied for it to be reinstated. Their defence is they don’t have to repair and offered a goodwill gesture (yet no offer to cover court fees). Today I get a default apple letter saying the drives are faulty and offer to replace so their defence of were not under a warranty to repair is humorous.

    So they wait as long for customers to pay for their faults, allow hazardous computers to leave the store and fraudulently misinform or refuse customers their legal rights.

    Can’t wait to see how they defend their actions now. Will keep everyone informed. I only wish big corporations were aggressively fined for defrauding customers and wasting court and customer time.


  3. harold jitschak bueno de mesquita says:

    When I complained within the guarantee period to Apple Israel about strange “behavior” of my iMac the company here wiped everything under the table in the most arrogant, ugly way I could imagine.
    In fact I was offered help at home for payment when they could not solve a BASIC problem even within this year.
    I have wasted hundreds of hours with the Mac [and later hundreds of dollars when giving it to another Mac dealer for repair without any until I decided to put it aside and buy a new PC.
    That Apple does not show even the slightest “gentleman insight” to return the purchase money to the owners who wasted so much time or at AT LEAST to have the computers picked up and repaired with guarantee shows their total lack of care and arrogance,
    The biggest mountains have come down!
    Apple change your morality,please and try to learn some good manners from a company like Amazon for example.

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