Apple, Samsung drop infringement claims ahead of trial

Macworld Australia Staff
6 July, 2012
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Apple and Samsung are both preparing for the July 30 case, with both ordered to trim away claims by scaling back  patent infringement claims against each other at the request of Judge Lucy Koh ahead of their scheduled trial.

Earlier this year, Judge Koh ordered the two companies to limit the number of claims in the case. Apple withdrew the infringement claim on its “multipoint touchscreen”, similar to the one reported in HTC ‘s defeat against Apple.

Apple also dropped the last remaining claim from the powerful U.S. Patent No. 7,663,607 for “multitouch touchscreen” technology without prejudice, meaning it can be reasserted at a later date.

Along with the multi-touch claim, Apple dropped trade dress claims related to product packaging and proposed to dismiss dress claims against the 7in Galaxy Tab while clarifying that the company is not including Samsung’s F700 handset in the allegations.

Samsung almost halved its claims against Apple,  dropping six patents. “After just losing an entire patent on summary judgement, Samsung didn’t want to drop another patent, but it has reduced the number of claims from 15 to nine. Samsung will assert two claims each from its patents, and one claim from each of its other three patents”, according to Florian Muller of  FOSS patents.

Judge Koh will examine these changes and decided if further reduction is needed before the trial, warning Apple that if it requested another sales injunction, the appeal process would force her to delay the trial even further.

Click here for Apple VS Samsung Joint Narrowing Statement.


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