Apple reportedly has a Retina iMac ready to launch

Caitlin McGarry
30 September, 2014
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Retina iMac, Apple, rumours, macworld australiaApple clearly wants to bankrupt you, if rumours of a 27in Retina iMac scheduled to launch with OS X Yosemite this year are true.

iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks already have super high-resolution Retina displays, but when Apple refreshed its iMac line in June, adding a new, cheaper model, it seemed like Retina on the desktop wasn’t in the cards this year. According to 9to5Mac, we could see a Retina iMac as soon as next month. But just the 27in model will see a jump in resolution, says blogger Jack March, doubling from 2560 x 1440 to 5120 x 2880.

March also reports that new iMacs will ship with AMD graphics instead of the Nvidia cards baked in current models.

An entry-level iMac starts at $1349, but the line tops out at $2449 before you start upgrading components, so you can expect a Retina iMac to clock in at the higher end of the price range. How much higher remains to be seen – if the refreshed model is priced above $2500, Retina displays will be out of reach for the majority of those who still rely on desktops to get work done.

The world has been expecting higher-resolution iMacs for awhile now, especially given PC manufacturers’ move toward 4K displays, and now that developers have adapted graphics to Retina on the MacBook, iPad and iPhone, apps should appear sparkling on launch day.

Let us know in the comments if a Retina iMac would tempt you to hand over your credit card this year or if your iMac-buying days are over.


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  1. Ronel says:

    Depending on final price, I would be very interested, as my early 2009 iMac is on it’s last legs. But I will miss the DVDs, will have to add an external drive, rather spoiling the point of the all in one design. ( and before you ask, yes I do need it).
    I will be helped by the fact that I will not be upgrading my iPhone yet, as the 6 is not a suitable replacement ( too awkward )

  2. ken uccione says:

    Not while my posterior points towards the ground, as they say. Have several older macs now which will see me out. They are burbling along quite happily, like a German Marching band. And my old retinas don’t need Mac’s super retinas.
    The price tag on their toys for the boys has dampened my enthusiasm to upgrade.
    And I agree with Ronel’s observation. For me the requirement to fit an external drive is a seriously retrograde step and I have no need or interest in having to have an iMac as thin as a terminal anorexic.

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