Apple releases Mountain Lion 10.8.2 beta to developers, featuring new Facebook integration

Macworld Australia Staff
30 August, 2012
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Apple has released its second beta of OS X 10.8.2 Mountain Lion to developers, less than a week after the first beta version was seeded.

Beta OS X 10.8.2 – also known in the development community as build 12C35 – is said to feature new Facebook integration, confirmed by Apple to appear in the updated public version of Mountain Lion launching the coming months.

Apple has reportedly asked developers to focus their attention on the Facebook integration, as well as other updated areas within the OS, including Messages, Game Center, Safari and Reminders, according to a report from AppleInsider.

The second version beta contains no known issues, unlike its predecessor which was released to developers last week, with reports of a failure to fix the system’s battery-sapping issues.

Apple spoke briefly about its plans for Facebook integration in Mountain Lion, upon announcing the launch of the new OS X on July 25. Confirming that the new feature will ship with the second major update of Mountain Lion later in the year, Facebook will operate in similar fashion to the OS’ current integration with Twitter, whereby users can post photos and content directly to their Facebook profiles via Apple’s ‘Share Sheets’ button.

Mountain Lion ($20.99 from the Mac App Store) is the highest-selling major OS for Apple, with a recorded three million downloads in four days following the launch. To see our complete review of OS X 10.8, click here.


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  1. Jay says:

    To be honest I don’t think apple is every gonna fix the battery issue simple because they can’t find a fix. And because they haven’t reported they are going to sort it (just investigated by logs) they just don’t seem to care. Otherwise they’d speak up – apologise and say they are going to/are already making a fix. If not the consumer act can fine or force apple to solve this situation as they are selling a faulty product that affects thousands of people which costs thousands of pounds/dollars/whatever money. If there is no fix they should advertise a lower battery hour time on the new MacBooks. For people like myself who bought a 2012 MacBook which was advertised to get mountain lion free/purchase should be compensated somehow because of false advertising etc. I assumed I was buying a highly respected laptop brand with 7+ hours battery on web wifi not some pile of crud with Microsoft windows, dell, acre or hp cungers up. They always overheat and have half the advertised battery. I thought apple was better then that? Or is it this bad because Steve jobs is dead and Tim cook is letting his team get away with it????

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