Apple releases iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case – expensive, underpowered?

Anthony Caruana
9 December, 2015
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Apple has quietly snuck a new accessory into its online store – the iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case. It’s not the only battery case on the market, but it’s Apple’s first foray into this product category.

Usually, when Apple brings an accessory to the market it inspires the ecosystem to new heights. But the iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case is quite underwhelming.

It’s expensive – be prepared to shell out $165 for either the white or charcoal grey options. And it packs just 1877MaH is offers less juice than the less expensive Mophie Juice Case (3300MaH and $150) and other similar devices. What Apple does bring to the party is that it’s quite light – about 100g. And it will charge through a Lightning port – most of the others connect to the iPhone using a Lightning port, but charge using microUSB.

The iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case also displays its battery status on the iPhone menu bar and lock screen so you can easily track how charged it is. There’s no power switch so it’s effectively a booster for the iPhone’s internal battery rather than a device for charging the internal battery.

The iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case is available online and currently has a one- to three-day wait for delivery. It costs $165.

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  1. Travis Bickle says:

    …and Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave

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