Apple releases iOS 4.0.1 with new iPhone signal formula

David Chartier
16 July, 2010
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On the eve of Apple’s surprise iPhone 4 press conference on Friday (3am Saturday morning AEST), the company has released iOS 4.0.1, an update that  brings one single change to the iPhone 4, 3GS, and 3G.

iOS 4.0.1 “improves the formula to determine how many bars of signal strength to display”. According to a letter Apple published earlier this month, the company has been using a “totally wrong” formula for calculating signal strength. “For example,” Apple wrote in its letter, “we sometimes display 4 bars when we should be displaying as few as 2 bars.” This update also brings some minor changes to the signal bars themselves, making a few of the lower bars slightly taller in an effort to provide a more accurate representation of the iPhone’s signal strength at lower levels.

Whether the formula alteration in iOS 4.0.1 will have any effect on the iPhone 4’s much-publicised signal attenuation issue, however, remains to be seen.

Apple blamed part of the signal attenuation problem on inaccurate signal representation — in some cases, the company claimed, users see a dramatic drop in the iPhone 4’s signal strength when bridging the antenna gap on the lower left side because there was never a decent signal to begin with.

Like most iOS software updates, version 4.0.1 includes a full copy of the entire OS (Apple likes to make sure you get a clean system software slate with each update, no matter how minor). For the iPhone 4, for example, it is a whopping 579MB download.

It is a safe bet that Apple will include this update in its iPhone 4 press conference on Friday, which Macworld will report from. iOS 4.0.1 is available now in iTunes. To download and update to the new version, connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC, and click “Check for Updates” in the device summary screen in iTunes.

The iPad has also received an update to iOS 3.2.1.

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  1. Steven Danno says:

    Downloading this has successfully rendered my iPhone 3GS completely useless. Unable to restore continual error 1603/4 messages, no recommended fixes work. DFU mode doesn’t work. Phone stuck in a recovery loop. Awaiting contact from the tech guys at Apple store in Sydney who I fully expect to say this is my fault and nothing can be done. Im no geek and am pretty bloody unhappy. Well done all who contributed to this stuff up.

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