Apple quietly improving iOS 6 Maps

Ashleigh Allsopp
9 October, 2012
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Apple has been quietly improving its widely criticised iOS 6 Maps app, according to new reports.

Apple Insider notes that the Brooklyn Bridge, which was previously distorted in Apple’s 3D Flyover mode, is now three dimensional and accurately rendered.

MacRumours has also spotted some improvements in Apple’s 3D Maps content. The Statue of Liberty can now be seen in 3D, and new Flyover imagery is cropping up in Hawaii, Honolulu, London and more.

The updates indicate that Apple is busy behind the scenes working to improve its Maps app, and fingers crossed it’ll be up to scratch soon.

Apple’s Maps app was blasted by critics when it launched on 19 September with iOS 6, and users were desperate to get Google Maps back. Customers noted inaccuracies including relocated landmarks, buildings in rivers and missing train stations.

The criticism has even led to an apology from Apple CEO Tim Cook, which has been published on Apple’s homepage, and advised iOS 6 Maps users to turn to competing services such as Google’s while Apple works on its offering.

Apple has also toned down its Maps blurb on its website, and no longer claims that the service is “the most beautiful, powerful mapping service ever.”

Google has since rolled out Street View for Safari on iOS, a welcome addition for iOS 6 users missing the feature.


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  1. Paul says:

    They still haven’t fixed up the West Gate Bridge yet.

  2. JayT says:

    Very strange piece this. It mentions what id consider minor improvements in areas that simply do not effect the user here in Australia. Considering this is the .au version, id imagine local content would be of benefit. In case you havnt tried relying on Apple maps in Caulfield and St Kilda, id recommend you dont. It has proven completely and utterly unreliable in these most established suburbs of inner city Melbourne. I wouldnt even think of trying it in less reliable parts. Always appreciated how good google maps were. All the finger crossing in the world is not going to have apple maps up to par with what google maps is anytime in the near future. You article seems to really gloss over how bad the app really is in its current state for use here in Australia.

  3. pmoe says:

    I know what you mean JayT, but the Maps app has improved dramatically over the last few weeks since it was released. Especially in locating addresses, but it’s bit of a bummer that you need to put in the postal code to get the right result

  4. Michael M says:

    I’d have to both agree and disagree with Jay T on this one. I have had no trouble with the accuracy of the app in Canberra or Sydney in both standard and hybrid modes. It’s still not the greatest navigation system but it actually did better in downtown Sydney than my dedicated GPS did (which regularly loses the GPS signal once it starts bouncing around the tall buildings). Not holding my breath for Apple to add too many 3D Australian buildings though…. I suppose the Opera House will be first….YAWN!

  5. JohnP says:

    What about the availability of turn-by-turn in Australia?

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