Apple pulls its Apple TV 6.0 update

Macworld Australia Staff
23 September, 2013
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For two days, Apple had its latest update of Apple TV’s software in the public domain. Quietly releasing Apple TV 6.0 in the middle of the widespread attention that greeted the physical debuts of the iPhone 5c and 5s last Friday, the tech company only let it run free for two days before multiple reports of problems sent the update scurrying back to the hills of Cupertino with its tail between its legs.

MacRumors and other sources note that Apple support forums have featured many reports of the update causing critical errors for some users.

One of the website’s own forum commenters explained the problems they faced when trying to implement the update. “Bricked after update. Finally found micro USB cord, hooked up to iTunes and said it was restored. Said to connect to the TV. Hit OK and the light instantly started [to] flaunt again. Same graphic on TV screen to reconnect to iTunes. Went through this three times and no love.”

Macworld‘s Christopher Breen wrote a lengthy and comprehensive article reviewing Apple TV 6.0, before posting an update noting its changed status. “Apple has apparently pulled this update following numerous complaints about it disabling some previously working Apple TVs. Second- and third-generation Apple TVs that should be eligible for updating now report that their current 5.3 version of the operating system is up-to-date,” wrote Breen.

While some users found their devices bricked and therefore rendered unusable, others simply reported connection problems and the need for an iTunes restoration.

On Sunday, the update disappeared from Apple’s site and the company has yet to issue a statement explaining what happened, or when the software might make a reappearance.

by Macworld Australia staff

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