Apple price rise in Australia

Anthony Caruana
15 October, 2015
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We’ve received a couple of emails and seen a few comments on the website regarding pricing changes with recently released Apple products.

We’ve already commented on changes in the App Store, but we’ve noticed the same with the new iMacs and recently released iPhones.

For example, here’s an email from Steve and our response.

On 25 Sept I priced a new 27in 5K setup I wish to buy. The overall prices as per attached screen capture was $5138.  I was going to buy today and strangely could not locate my saved bag on the Apple store site.  So I selected it all again and wow the price has gone up in only a few weeks to $5778!  They have ramped up some of the specs for the optional components, but I was not expecting it to creep over 5.5K for my 5K :(

Maybe you might like to ask Apple why a price hike of $640 or 12.5 percent?

Hey, maybe their prices fluctuate all the time due to exchange rate etc, and maybe few people ever take screen caps and wait a few weeks between thinking and committing to buy. Who knows. I asked the online Apple guy in chat and he said it was an overall price adjustment on release of the new 21in model. 

Anyway, great magazine, I read it each month.



Thanks Steve.

I suspect many prices are going to rise because of the falling dollar. We recently posted a story on the increases in the App Store and the iPhone 6s was dearer than its predecessor.

Just doing a little analysis – the base price for the top end iMac 27in is US$2299, which is about $3174. Add the GST and you get to $3491.

The local price is $3599, which is a little higher than I’d expect.

Historically, Apple hasn’t changed product prices until it does a product refresh. So, this hike is, I think, in response to the recent fall in our currency’s value and Apple taking a longer-term hedging position against further changes.

If you’re not wedded to getting the latest model, you might find a discounted model on Apple’s refurbished items store at


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  1. Jamie says:

    We’ve had massive price hikes here in NZ as well, Apple gear is unfortunately getting pushed more and more out of reach to your average consumer.

    Yes it is great gear and it is very well made but by no stretch of the imagination is it worth anything like the prices that they are charging.

    Guess I’ll be hanging on to the 2011 15″ MacBook Pro for a good while longer yet!

  2. Mark Savage says:

    Unfortunately, it is increasingly difficult to get the right combination of specs and price, plus for some reason, Apple do not sell any iMacs and very few MacMinis in their refurb store, only laptops.

    I will be hanging on to my early 2008 iMac for a while longer as I cannot justify the money on the spec of iMac I would like to have as a replacement, plus I refuse to spend money on the low-end entry ones with far inferior specs….

  3. Tonii Gramsci says:

    It’s price gouging plain and simple. The Labor Federal govt made a weak attempt to get to the bottom of why companies, like Apple, charge like they do but it came to nought. It comes down to the fact that there is lax regulations here so Apple know they can. The exchange rate is a red herring because even when our dollar was stronger we still paid more than the US price.

  4. udi . says:

    While the changing exchange rate could explain the price hike, Toni got it right when he pointed to the fact that We have always paid more that the US price. And when our dollar increases in value, we don’t see a corresponding decrease in the price of apple goods, so price gauging is the best explanation.

  5. udi . says:

    When our dollar rises, we pay more. When our dollar drops, we pay more. the truth is that whenever apple feels they can get more out of us, they do.

  6. Macworld Australia Staff says:

    Except that it’s not true – at least not in all cases. When you do the exchange rate calculation and add taxes (most US states and many cities) add taxes to prices. When you see $999US quoted in the US you rarely pay that – another 10%-18% is not uncommon.

    I’ve done plenty of comparisons over recent years and in many cases (not all, but many) local prices are lower than the US.

    But I do agree that Apple sets their pricing as high as they can without taking themselves out of the market they play in.

  7. Roger says:

    But I do agree that Apple sets their pricing as high as they can without taking themselves out of the market they play in.

    Maybe not. But they’ve definitely taken me out of the market with their pricing policy.

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