Apple pays experts $625 an hour to testify in patent trial against Samsung

Macworld Australia Staff
8 August, 2012
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In a bid to win the patent war and prove Samsung ‘slavishly’ copied its products, Apple has  called in a number of experts to testify in the Apple vs Samsung trial, and no expense has been spared with the company paying its witnesses up to US$625 per hour.

Apple has brought in the group of three experts, specializing in the fields of marketing and graphic and product design, with an estimated total of US$205,000 paid between them so far, according to Cult of Mac.

The group of witnesses include design expert Peter Bressler; Former Apple and NeXT graphics designer Susan Kare; and marketing specialist Russel Winer.

In his cross-examination of the witnesses, Samsung lawyer Charles Verhoeven asked each expert to disclose how much Apple had paid them to testify in the trial.

Bressler told the court he was being paid US$400 per hour by Apple and had received about US$75,000 to date; Kare revealed her hourly rate of payment was US$550, totalling around US$80,00; while marketing expert Winer came out on top, with the highest payment of US$625 per hour, amassing US$50,000 at present.

The amount of money being paid by Apple to its expert witnesses is likely to match what they currently make in their day-to-day professions, and given that Apple is now seeking US$2.88 billion in damages from Samsung, if successful, the company will get more than a return on its expenditures so far.


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