Apple pauses password resets after iCloud hack

Karen Haslam
9 August, 2012
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Apple has suspended AppleID password resets following the hack of journalist Mat Honan’s iCloud account.

The company has told its support staff not to process password change requests that come in via the phones. An Apple customer service representative told Wired that Apple was halting all AppleID password resets by phone.

According to the Wired source, the password freeze will last at least 24 hours while the company performs system-wide “maintenance updates”.

It is still possible to change AppleID passwords at

As we reported yesterday, Apple has admitted that its “internal policies were not followed completely” in the case that enabled hackers to access Honan’s iCloud account.

According to Honan, the hackers called Apple, gave his name, address and the last four digits of his credit card (which they got from Amazon). Apple technical support reset his iCloud account and issued a temporary password.

Amazon has also made security changes following the hack. Previously it was possible for a hacker to access an account with just the name, email address, and mailing address of a customer. The changes have closed this loophole, reports suggest.

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  1. Paul0075 says:

    So what this tells me is that had Amazon had better security to start with, then it’s plausible that this would never have happened in the first place?

    I suppose in some ways some good has come from this. Both Amazon and Apple have found flaws in their system and can now work towards resolving them.

    Before I moved from Windows to Mac about 7 years ago, it always struck me as Apple having a more friendlier approach to dealing with their clients, trying to make things simple and easy. The drawback with what I call the friends and neighbours approach is that it’s open to abuse.

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