Apple patent points to Retina display Macs

Ashleigh Allsopp
21 May, 2012
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A new Apple patent filing could add further evidence to the speculation that next-generation Macs will have Retina displays.

Wired reports that the patent application, filed on 20 January 2012 and published on Friday, is titled “User-Interface Design,” and is a continuation of a 2007 patent application covering the reformatting processes of graphical elements for higher resolutions.

The patent describes display resolution independent graphical user interface objects that can be displayed at any resolution.

“Designing an efficient, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing user interface is an integral stage of most application development projects,” says the applications’ description. “Typically, a designer designs a graphical user interface object…for specified resolution. As the resolution of the user’s display changes, however, display of the originally designed object may become distorted.”

In response to Wired’s report, though, Patently Apple has disagreed with the idea that the patent lends credence to Retina display rumours and explains that Apple may have tweaked their patent filing in an effort to get the application granted.

However, whether or not Wired’s conclusion is correct, there is still lots of evidence that points to the arrival of Retina displays in future iMacs and MacBooks.

In April, Intel revealed that its Ivy Bridge processors have been built for Retina display computers. Though this may mean that the high-resolution displays will appear in computers built by Mac competitors, the term Retina display was coined by Apple, leading experts to believe that Intel was referring to Macs specifically.

Earlier in the week, 9to5Mac quoted sources as saying that they have seen a prototype of the new MacBook Pro, which has ‘jaw-dropping’ Retina display.

Last week, Retina ready application icons were spotted in OS X updates issued by Apple.

Apple is expected to launch new Macs at its WWDC in June, alongside Mountain Lion, iOS 6 and iCloud updates.


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