Apple moves to block New Zealand trademark.

Macworld Australia Staff
7 February, 2012
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Apple has moved to block the application for a trademark on the name “driPhone” in New Zealand, a case developed by Hayden Crowther of Hamilton, New Zealand. Apple states the trademark is so similar with its own trademarked product, the “iPhone” and deceive or could cause confusion in the market place.

The driPhone  is a waterproof case for the iPhone and other mobile devices. The company also said that it has a tablet version of its case called the driTab coming.

However Apple doesn’t want Crother to cease creating his case; all it wants is for one letter in its name to be changed from an “i” to a “y.” “DryPhone” instead of “driPhone.”

According to, Crother is unlikely to comply with Apple’s request, with plans to trademark the driPhone name in the rest of the world. He said he was refusing to rebrand because the driPhone logo took less space with an “i” and it would be cheaper to fight Apple’s opposition.

Crother had preliminary discussions with James & Wells Intellectual Property lawyers in Auckland, who will discuss the case next week as only receiving Apple’s notice of opposition yesterday.

Crowther has until April 1 to respond.



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  1. steven says:

    That’s so stupid. Why does apple have to do this to people who are designing accessories for their device that gives it more usability and functionality. Crother is HELPING Apple, and they want him to change.
    I understand Apple’s battle against Samsung and other Android makers, but this is just ridiculous patent trolling.

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