Apple mistake touts new iPad as thinner than a credit card

Macworld Australia Staff
15 November, 2012
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Apple’s fourth-generation iPad with Retina display sports many features, including an A6 processor chip, over three million pixels and a new FaceTime camera, among others. But, there seems to be some confusion as to how thin the new tablet is, with Apple posting on its website a depth measurement of .37mm. Which, in comparative terms, is the same thickness as four sheets of paper stacked on top of each other, or a single credit card.

But, as Cult of Mac points out, the new iPad has not undergone a radical update  since its launch last month, in this instance it seems Apple merely published a typo.

First spotted by Reddit users, the typo sent the online tech world into a tailspin, with publications such as Forbes and Tech Gadget reporting on Apple’s uncharacteristic blunder.

The mistake has since been corrected on the company’s website, now quoting iPad 4 as being .37in thick.


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  1. Buckus Toothnail says:

    Well sadly this is the type of thing that’s practically EXPECTED from Apple nowadays.

    Once Apple was blowing our minds with incredible technology and innovative features and functions that no one in the general public could possibly DREAM OF, and yet nowadays those are the very same technologies, features and functions we couldn’t DREAM OF LIVING WITHOUT.

    Today however, Apple’s seems to have ABANDONED the pursuit of innovating new products with amazing new features and functions, and instead, has focused purely on their products being “IT’S THINNER!”, “IT’S LIGHTER!” and “IT FITS IN ONE HAND!”

    So what we are getting in each “new” generation nowadays are just very slight INCREMENTAL improvements over the previous model, technology-wise, but MINIATURIZED by 10% to 15% so that it’s “thinner!”, “lighter!” and “smaller!” And somehow we’re so supposed go head over heels gaga excited over these lateral “improvements” rather than taking truly new steps forward that we’ve previously come to expect from Apple.

    So it’s not surprising at all that Apple committed this BLUNDER. When you consider any normal person unaffected by the hype and the chest-beating and the dizzying SPIN of “miniaturization EQUALS innovation!” from Apple would read that blurb of “.37mm depth” and IMMEDIATELY be able to pick up that error, as obvious as if it had stated “.37km depth” instead.

    However, anyone working at or with Apple are so neck-high in the bulls**t spin 24/7 that a claim of “.37mm depth” doesn’t seem OUT OF ORDINARY at all.

    After all, this is the company that called its iOS 6 Maps app, “the most beautiful, powerful mapping service ever”, or described the iPhone 5 as “world’s thinnest smartphone” despite being considerably THICKER than the Motorola RAZR XT909, Motorola DROID RAZR CDMA, Motorola RAZR XT910, Huawei Ascend P1 S, Fujitsu ARROWS ES and Pantech Vega S5.

    In actuality, the iPhone 5 didn’t even crack the TOP FIVE of the thinnest smartphones when it was released, never mind being the “world’s thinnest smartphone EVER!” But of course, that’s not going to prevent Apple to prevent this claim and millions of iPhone 5 owners STILL BELIEVE this ludicrous claim!

    So perhaps you can ALMOST (but not quite) place the blame on Apple’s core audience who CHOOSE to believe the lies and the mistruths and the wild exaggerations and who basically spur on Apple to lie to them. After all, it doesn’t really MATTER what the truth is, all that matters is that one BELIEVES IT.

    So you can bet almost NO Apple “fans” picked up on the “.37mm depth” mistake either. It’s simply what Apple “fans” choose to believe now from Apple, that “thinness” is KING and functionality hardly “matters”.

    Just read any Apple thread and the mantra of “specs are unimportant, it’s the ‘look-and-feel that matters!” will pop up without fail, especially when the discussion is pointed toward comparing the hardware capability of Apple’s recent releases with those of its competition.

    So unfortunately this false advertising gave them a sweet TASTE of what it would be like to support the company that didn’t COMPLETELY fall behind in hardware specs.

    You can imagine the plethora of new posts across Cult of Mac, Apple Insider and Mac Rumors spouting, “The new iPad might not have a high resolution HD screen, but it’s just .37 millimeters thin!!!”

    And of course when they finally figure out their and Apple’s error, it all goes back to, “thinness doesn’t matter, it’s all about the brushed aluminium logo!”

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