Apple kills AirPort – what’s next?

Anthony Caruana
1 May, 2018
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I was reflecting on an article by Jason Cross, about products Apple should put to rest when news broke that Apple was discontinuing their AirPort routers – the first time Jason said should be put on the chopping block. I don’t agree with him that the Mac mini should go but that’s probably because I really like my Mac mini and expect it to keep working for at least a couple more years – it’s moving in on its fourth birthday.

Apple has never been all that sentimental about dropping products from its catalog. I still remember the shock many had when the iPod mini was dumped. it was Apple’s best selling iPod and Steve Jobs announced that they were discontinuing the product – effective immediately. But they had a plan and theta was to replace it with the iPod nano – which was eventually dropped last year (I still have a brand new last-generation iPod nano it the original packaging in my cupboard – part of my cunning plan to keep a product stil its value as a collectible will make me rich!).

All of that brings me to the HomePod. Apple only managed to keep the iPod Hi-Fi on the market for about a year before discontinuing it and we’ve seen reports recently suggesting Apple Stores are being stuck with too much inventory as Apple’s foray into smart speakers isn;t proving to be a rousing success. Manufacturing orders have been reduced and, even among Apple fans, I’m not seeing much enthusiasm for the product.

Although the HomePod is only a few weeks old, I think it could replace the Mac mini on Jason’s list.

Are there other products that you think Apple should get rid of? I’d love to hear what you think.

In last week’s newsletter, I discussed the ability to use the iPad as a replacement for the humble pen and paper. I want to thank the many readers who sent me messages over the week. There seems to be a lot of people out there who are fans of Notability. I’ll be spending my $15 this week and giving it a run over the coming weeks based on the many recommendations I received.

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