Apple job openings: Connector Design Engineer and Pizza Cook

Macworld Australia Staff
1 June, 2012
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Apple is advertising for a Connector Design Engineer, suggesting that the company is planning to do away with its current 30-pin Dock Connector. The job coincides with rumours suggesting a smaller dock connector for Apple’s new iOS devices.

A job posted on the internal job page on the Apple website is seeking engineers who will be “responsible for managing multiple connector designs and developments in support of the iPod product lines”, according to the description.

The successful candidate would be responsible for the “adaptation of existing connectors or complete new designs” and for identifying “appropriate connection technology requirements for new products”.

The description goes on to say that the job will “interfacing with connector suppliers to direct and implement the necessary design changes or creation of completely new designs or creation of completely new designs will also be a major part of your daily work”.

Changing tack a bit, Apple also has a job opening for a Pizza Cook – a rare opportunity that might be linked to the development of Apple’s new campus?

The ideal candidate will need to have “extensive experience making pizza dough from scratch and is able to portion and toss the dough; possesses the ability to hand stretch the pizza (without using a rolling pin) and cook the pizza to order in a high temperature oven. The cook will also prep and maintain all food items necessary to make a variety of pizzas (toppings, sauces and related prep)”, and “have at least  2-4 years of experience working a high volume wood burning pizza oven featuring thin crust, Neapolitan style pizza”.

So is the job a ploy to distract attention away from all the current iPhone 5 rumours? Or could Apple be planning to move into a possible pizza chain? iPizza, anyone?



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