Apple issues advice over MacBook setup issue

Anthony Caruana
23 April, 2015
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MacBook, USB-C, connector, macworld australiaMany owners of Apple’s latest notebook, the MacBook with Retina Display, have reported issues during the setup process. While going through the Setup Assistant, the process appears to hang.

Apple advises if your MacBook stops responding and displays the spinning beach ball following creation of a user account in Setup Assistant just wait – the setup process will resume after about 30 minutes.

It’s possible to avoid the delay by completing the  Setup Assistant without connecting to the Internet. This includes both wired and wireless connections. If you’re using an Ethernet adapter, disconnect it before you start the setup process. Once the Setup Assistant is finished, restart your Mac, and then join your Wi-Fi network or connect your Ethernet adaptor.

Although Apple is staying Mum on the actual cause of the issue, simply providing a workaround, some reports suggest that the issue is related to account provisioning and possibly iCloud. It wouldn’t be the first time iCloud has caused issues for Apple.

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  1. Jamie says:

    What on earth has happened to the reliability and rock solid performance of Apple gear.

    An issue like this is inexcusable.

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