Apple iPhone 5 may slip to 2012

Matt Peckham
13 April, 2011
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Tired of all the will-they, won’t-they iPhone 5 stories? Or are you secretly kind of jubilant each time they pronounce the iPhone-next’s arrival “later than expected”?

Avian Securities just moved the ball back up-field by as much as half a year, claiming the iPhone 5 won’t go into production until late August or early September. Assuming routine lag times as Apple ramps up to a formal product launch, that could put the iPhone out as far as Christmas 2011, or even push it over the edge and into 2012, suggests BusinessInsider.

Avian’s sources? A “key component supplier,” who “indicates that production for the iPhone-5 will begin in September.”

Avian says the supplier’s position jibes with its own conversations around the supply chain, that the “consensus view” is lining up behind September as production-ground-zero, and thus that “any launch is likely a very late 2011 or more likely a 2012 event.”

You’ve heard about the so-called entry-level iPhone (cheaper, with some feature nipping and tucking)? Avian manages to sneak something in about that, too, claiming it exists (stop the presses!) and citing “contacts” who’ve seen “the placeholder in Apple’s roadmap.” No word on specs or timeframes, of course.

In the meantime, enjoy your new iPhones, fellow 4-ites. Taking a victory lap when stories like this drop off the tree may sound selfish, but my inner gadget-freak’s on the hook to buy whatever’s next, now or later. At this point, my wallet/bank/money-pot (read: significant other) votes for later.


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  1. Michael Aulia says:

    Can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with in iPhone 5 (apart from hardware spec upgrades of course)

  2. macgirl says:

    Actually I’ve been desperate for the iP5 to come out. After buying the iP4 when they were first released last year – having it replace just before Christmas because the speaker stopped working, and that one replaced last week because it couldn’t find the SIM and it had poor network pickup, I’ve gone back to my iP3GS.
    I just hope when the iP5 comes out, it resembles the iPad2 and is better ergonomically designed than the boxy sharp edged 4 (which I figured must have been designed as a companion copy to the first iPad). I like the size but the angular shape is not comfortable to hold – I use my iPhone anything up to 15 hours a day (for music, email, eBooks, news, reference, and more) so I need something that moulds to my hand – which the 4 never did.

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