Apple iOS 9 kills Trash, adds Rubbish

Anthony Caruana
28 September, 2015
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Aussie users of iOS 9 may have noticed a small change in their email. The somewhat American term, Trash, used for the name of your deleted email folder has been ‘trashed’ in favour of Rubbish.

It’s a small change, but seems to show a slight de-Americanisation of Apple as it comes to realise that while it may call the US home, it’s not the centre of the world and, indeed, is no longer its largest market.


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  1. Chris says:

    Well, we are talking about computers here… There is a folder on my email server called ‘Trash’, not ‘Rubbish’. This is just how it is called.
    This supposedly ‘feature’ creats serious confusion. How do I access this Trash folder now? There is no folder on my IMAP called Rubbish. This is how a computer is supposed to think, and this is how I think a computer is supposed to think. This supposedly ‘intuitive’ feature is, in my opinion, plain ‘rubbish’.

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