Apple iOS 6 Maps images of Melbourne emerge

Macworld Australia Staff
15 June, 2012
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Images of Apple’s new iOS 6 Maps app over Melbourne have surfaced, including a street view comparison to Google Maps and a Flyover screenshot.

The first image shows the mapping solution for Melbourne’s CBD in iOS 6 in comparison to the soon-to-be scraped Google Maps in iOS 5. The Google Maps image appears to contain more location details such as tram stops, train stations, businesses and street names.

[via Reddit member lukasm]

The second image is a screenshot of Apple’s new Flyover feature, which provides a 3D, birds eye view of a location or landscape.

[via Reddit]

The new Maps will be available with the release of iOS 6 in Australia in spring. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Is Apple making a mistake? Or are they improving iOS Maps?




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  1. Phil says:

    I was a little worried that maps and the new siri features wouldn’t work here in Australia. I’m pretty happy to see that they do

  2. Callum says:

    @Phil I guess they’re working but missing a lot of features compared to GMaps, I think Apple should have worked on the product a lot more before announcing let alone including it in iOS6.

    Just a FYI to everyone Google are still going to release Google Maps for iPhone in the appstore so not all is lost

  3. Mike says:

    Was just about to ask if Google will release a native version of google maps. Not the web app version. As this new maps app does not look like it matches up in design or features.

    Plus – why the hell arn’t the turn by turn features available for anything less than iPhone 4S? Im sure it would run just as smoothly on my iPhone 4! Cheap attempt at getting people to upgrade to new hardware.

  4. Jeremy says:

    If the new maps don’t include detailed street names, public transport info (bus & tram stops) and the ability to do trip planning via public transport, I won’t be upgrading until they do. (Mind you Google’s isn’t perfect so there’s scope for improvement.)

  5. Ronel says:

    Interesting that Port Philip is on Albert park Lake?

  6. Apple User says:

    Another interesting thing about the fly over – there seems to be no traffic or trains showing – on a typical sunny Melbourne day ! :)

  7. dude says:

    Turn by turn navigation not available in Australia

  8. Macworld Australia Staff says:

    Hi there dude, you’re right Turn-by-Turn Navigation is not currently available in Australia, but Apple have since updated its website to say the feature will be coming to Oz in October.

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