Apple exec. slips out quietly

Jonathan Stewart and David Price
11 February, 2012
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Apple has begun the year without former Vice President of iPhone and iPod Engineering, David Tupman, who is reported to have departed Apple’s Cupertino headquarters at the end of last year.

Tupman, a UK-born Salford University engineering electronic graduate, had been Apple’s iPhone and iPod engineering chief for a decade, and a key member in the development of both iOS devices.

According to, two sources “confirmed his departure”, with Apple yet to finalise a replacement, believing it will come from within the company.

After spending seven years as lead engineer at oilfield services company Schlumberger, and six years at mobile computer manufacturer Psion, Tupman joined Apple in 2002 and is named in 70 Apple technology patents, which include device interfaces and battery life management.

The 9to5mac website claims that Tupman’s Apple office number has been disconnected, and he has been removed from the company directory.

Last year saw the departure of three other executives, long-time Mac OS X head Bertrand Serlet, Mobile Advertising Vice President Andy Miller and Global Security Vice President John Theriault.

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  1. RBR says:

    Maybe some fresh blood will result in an iPhone that is a better device with an iOS that is not designed after M$’s worst ideas, i.e. incorporating the browser in the OS so that you not only can’t be rid of it, but so that you have to perform an entire system reinstall if there is a corruption of the browser. Inexcusable. So is the lack of a proper backup which re-installs everything the way it was before, including apps in file folders, cookies & etc., just like you can with OS X! Read Dan Frakes MacWorld article on the subject with a workaround for restoring from a backup while preserving app organization.

    The iPhone is stale and poorly designed by Sir Jonny, who thinks that you can squeeze 10 gallons of water into a 5 gallon jug if you just make the necessary functional compromises and leave out 5 gallons worth of usefulness. Maybe he should go too, even if Queenie has tapped him on the shoulders.

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