Apple event: Apple updates iBooks Author

Serenity Caldwell
24 October, 2012
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If ebook-making is your thing, you may be interested in the latest version of iBooks Author, revealed at Apple’s media event this morning.

Apple CEO Tim Cook presented the updated iBooks Author as part of an “iPad in education” segment during the introduction of the latest versions of Apple’s tablet. iBooks Author remains free, with the update available from the Mac App Store.

New in iBooks Author are new templates, custom font embedding, and portrait-only iBooks. Cook didn’t specify at the time whether such templates would also be available for Apple’s non-iPad devices (like the iPhone and iPod touch), though we at Macworld Australia can hope.

The app also boasts custom font embedding and several new widgets available for textbook creators, including rendered mathematic expressions and formulas, a scrolling sidebar, pop-ups, and altered audio options. Publishers can additionally push updates to books without users having to re-download it from the iBookstore.

Those interested in publishing to the iBookstore through iBooks Author may have one extra incentive: According to Apple’s iBooks Author website, it looks like publishers now may be able to upload their books directly through the app, instead of having to go through iTunes Producer.

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  1. Peter Pappas says:

    “Textbooks Are Dead – 3 Reasons to Write Your Own”

    For years progressive educators have known the textbook was dead. Apple’s latest iPad Mini / iBooks Author event (October 23, 2012) suggests we are closing in on the tipping point that should hasten its demise. I’ll let others critique the viability of the iPad as a textbook replacement in this era of shrinking budgets. Instead I’ll focus on how teaming iBooks Author with the iPad can turn students from passive consumers of information, into active researchers, thinkers, designers and writers.

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