Apple delays US shipping dates for some iPad accessories

Australian Macworld staff
17 March, 2010
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Recent reports are showing that Apple has delayed US shipping dates for some of its iPad accessories. It’s unclear what this means for Australians waiting for the iPad, given that the local release is already up to a month behind the 3 April release in North America.

As reported by Electronista, Apple has updated—read ‘delayed’—its projected US shipping dates for many of its iPad accessories. The Keyboard Dock is now slated to ship in May, and the iPad Case has slipped from shipping by 3 April to “Mid April”. However, the standalone, keyboard-less iPad Dock and VGA adapter both still reflect shipping dates of 3 April. The delays might suggest that those accessories are particularly in demand, especially since they showed no such delay on Friday when iPad pre-orders first became available.

Surprisingly, Apple has also delayed the iPad USB power adaptor which, like the Keyboard Dock, now won’t ship until May. Of course, you get one such adaptor in the box with your iPad, so Apple will indeed still be providing power to the people on launch day.

There are claims that Apple may have already sold upwards of 120,000 iPads since pre-orders began on 12 March. There has been no word from Apple on these figures, nor the local release date (late April is still the only indicator) or local pricing.

Only time will tell whether these shipping delays mean little to us in Australia, or whether they’re a sign of unexpected demand for the iPad and resultant delays across the board.

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