Apple delays turn-by-turn navigation in Australia

Macworld Australia Staff
30 October, 2012
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Apple had initially planned on launching turn-by-turn navigation in Australia this month, but the company’s Maps availability page now states the feature will not hit Australian shores until November.

Australia is now the only country on the list without turn-by-turn navigation in Apple’s iOS 6 Maps app, with Macau, Malaysia, Brunei, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Taiwan and Thailand each receiving the update during October.

Apple CEO Tim Cook issued a public apology for the Maps app in September, after outcries from users condemning the move from Google Maps in iOS 6.

In a press statement this morning Cook announced the departure of iOS chief Scott Forstall, a move the Wall Street Journal believes is a result of Fortsall refusing to sign his name to the apology letter.

Alongside the navigation delays in Australia, Apple appears to have missed the October deadline for iTunes 11 it announced at its September media event.


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  1. Balong says:

    It’s not right, we waited for so long since sept launch of ios6 now you are telling us that we have to wait again for another month for turn by turn in australia? Please tell us the truth, are you giving us the turn by turn navigation or not? Because its hard to expect something that doesn’t exist from people who can not decide for themselves. Make up your mind!

  2. Smith says:

    Is it just me or does Apple seem like a basket case now that Steve Jobs is gone?
    Maps, Turn by Turn (Australia), iTunes, Cell problems, wi-fi problems, keyboard problems, the list goes on.
    Now 2 top people leaving (fired) it seems bad to me.

  3. Marco says:

    It’s so stupid that they delayed the update but I believe it is due to some of the street names in Australia that are pronounced different to their spelling which may be a problem for Siri to talk

  4. Korrie says:

    We have been told to wait since September…we waited patiently until the end of October and they want us to wait again till November. I don’t think i can withstand this waiting games anymore… i might switch to Samsung galaxy

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