Apple cops backlash for ‘anti-gay’ app

Grace Robinson
21 March, 2011
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Apple is facing heat from gay rights organisations after it approved the sale of an app by Exodus International, a church group that is said to endorse ‘anti-gay’ beliefs.

The app, according to Macnn, acts as a link to the Exodus International website, which has published content outlining the group’s mission to convert ‘a world impacted by homosexuality’.

One customer review on the US App Store labels the app a ‘hate-based initiative of the fanatical religious right intending to brainwash and emotionally destroy gay and lesbian people by coercing them to hate themselves based on their natural sexual orientation.’

Gay rights group Truth Wins Out has appealed to Steve Jobs to remove this app from the App Store, in a message posted by The Register.

‘I am shocked that this same company has given the green light to an app from a notoriously anti-gay organization like Exodus International that uses scare tactics, misinformation, stereotypes and distortions of LGBT life to recruit clients, endorses the use of so-called ‘reparative therapy’ to ‘change’ the sexual orientation of their clients.’.

Apple is yet to respond to this request. Last year, Apple pulled an app with similar anti-gay content called the Manhattan Declaration.

Update:  Apple has now pulled the app from the App Store.

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  1. Graham says:

    I hope Apple will see that this is just another example of a minority group who desire only to crush any view other than their own.
    This is wrong, it is unAustralian, it is intolerance at it’s worst.

    I hope Apple will show a little more common sense.

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