Apple confirms iCloud mail outage for some users

Macworld Staff
12 September, 2012
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iCloud mail service has been down yesterday and overnight—at least for some subscribers to Apple’s cloud-based service.

An update posted to Apple’s iCloud system status page after 8 am AEST Wednesday confirmed that some users “may be unable to access iCloud mail.” The outage affected around 1.1 percent of subscribers according to Apple, which promised to restore services as soon as possible. Another update was promised by 10 am.


An iCloud status update from Tuesday evening: Apple has since updated the page to reflect that around 1.1 percent of iCloud users are without email access.


That’s likely to be of small comfort to the users affected by the outage, many of whom took to Twitter to voice their complaints. Some users reported that mail had been unavailable since late Tuesday afternoon.

The outage seemed to affect users randomly.

An Apple spokesperson declined to comment further on the outage, referring Macworld to the company’s system status update.

The iCloud outage comes a day before Apple holds a press event in San Francisco, where the company is expected to introduce a new iPhone.


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  1. Andrew says:

    I had no email this morning. So when I checked the iCloud support page, it said that 0.17% of users were experiencing problems, but that it would be fixed “ASAP”. So I waited a few hours and checked again. By late morning (Eastern Time), they were saying <1% of users effected. I called Apple support and was told it should be up in an hour (by noon, Easter Time). Now iCloud page says 1.1% of users "may" not be able to get their mail. Seriously? It's now been almost 24 hours, and the problem is getting WORSE, not better? And what irks me the most is that every three hours they "update" the support page to say nothing new (except that more and more users are effected), just that the next update will come in three more hours.

    Come on, Apple, would you ever let your STORE go down for this long? Just because iCloud is now free (although I used to pay for the MobileMe service), doesn't mean that you shouldn't treat it like the essential business and personal tool that it is.

  2. Barb Hagger says:

    I also used to pay for the .Mac account and have been a loyal user for ever, but have been unable to access my mail since last night. There is no information except the non informative status “updates” and no support. My mail is important to me. Not a happy camper.

  3. Sath says:

    Down for 24 hours – what a joke – it is my main e-mail address and I have been waiting on critical files! And I actually pay for this ‘service’ – GMAIL, here I come!!!!

  4. Sath says:

    It’s a joke.

  5. Drew says:

    Still down for me here in Italy too. Went to sleep last night expecting to find it working this morning… nope. Down now since 17:30CET 11SEP

  6. Lorraine says:

    I have had 26 hours without any access to my business email. This is an outrage. I am ready to swap despite many, many years of loyalty to Apple!

  7. jim says:

    still down for this user in San Francisco. Well I guess I’m part of that elite 1%. Thanks APPLE!!!!!

  8. jen c says:

    I’ve had a mac email for 9 years now, use to pay the outrageous fees for it to. I’ve been without email for 24 hours now. This is just unacceptable and they should focus on fixing these issues before they go and launch new products! That’s pretty arrogant of them! Let’s get it together. In this day and age no email equates to loss of money for your customers. If your cash registers were down in your stores, you’d never let it go this long to fix them!

  9. Alain says:

    Perhaps there is a connection: does everyone with this problem have an ex account?

  10. Macworld Australia Staff says:

    Mine came back up two hours ago. Crazy.

    And Alain, it is an account. I wonder …

    Dave Bullard

  11. Alain says:

    I just noticed that in different forums people were talking about how they have been long term Apple loyalists.. Off topic: I wish I could change my Apple ID from to I hate it the way it always automatically changes when I use This morning my mail worked again, luckily I didn’t miss anything important. Al

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