Apple changes OS X security messages

Macworld Australia Staff
25 June, 2012
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Apple has quietly removed a statement from its website that the Mac operating system isn’t susceptible to viruses.

Computerworld Australia reports that Apple replaced the statement “It doesn’t get PC viruses” with “It’s built to be safe”, and the words “Safeguard your data. By doing nothing” with “Safety. Built in”.

A comparison of the old and new messages is currently available on the Sophos website.

“I view the changes in the messages pushed out by (Apple’s) marketing department as some important baby-steps,” Computerworld quotes Sophos US senior technology consultant Graham Cluley as saying.

“Let’s hope more Apple Mac owners are also learning to take important security steps–such as installing anti-virus protection.”

Early this year Mac users’ sense of security was shattered when hundreds of thousands of Macs worldwide were infected by the Flashback G trojan.

Apple is introducing a new app security measure called Gatekeeper in the upcoming release of Mountain Lion, the latest version of Mac OS X.

It allows you to download and install apps from developers registered with Apple, regardless of whether those apps are available for sale on the Mac App Store or on the web. If an app that has been signed by a registered developer misbehaves, Apple can disable that app and ban the developer from creating new software registered with Apple.

The company has also issued a security guide for iOS, its operating system for mobile devices.




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