Apple CEO Tim Cook, Google CEO Larry Page in resolution talks

Macworld Australia Staff
31 August, 2012
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Apple CEO Tim Cook has been engaged in discussions with Google counterpart Larry Page  in an effort to resolve patent disputes between the companies, according to reports.

Reuters reports that “people familiar with the matter” believe the CEOs “had a phone conversation last week” and “are expected to talk again in the coming weeks”.

The report’s sources also claim discussions between lower-level executives from the two companies have been ongoing, with a line of communication open between the two.

The talks could involve a truce between the two companies or a broad cross-licensing agreement that could see the end to patent litigation over iOS and Android devices.

Apple’s iOS mobile operating system and Google’s Android OS have been the two biggest players in the smartphone business in recent times, with Apple stating in June it had sold 410 million devices since the iPhone launch in 2007, and Google claiming it had activated 400 million devices as of July.

Apple and Google have yet to face off in court, however Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility has filed  a patent-infringement complaint with the US International Trade Commission against Apple, claiming Apple has infringed on seven of its designs.

The filing includes location reminders, email notifications and Siri voice recognition, according to a Bloomberg report, and would affect Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iMac products.


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