Apple censors ‘jailbreak’ in iTunes Store

Macworld Australia Staff
18 May, 2012
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The word ‘jailbreak’ has been edited in the US iTunes Store, to read as ‘j*******k, confusing many as to whether the tweak was intended by Apple as a form of censorship, or simply a mistake.

The change seems to have affected everything in the US iTunes Store, from music to books, apps and even iTunes U, with about 95 percent of content featuring the word ‘jailbreak’ now filtered, estimates Shoutpedia. At this stage only the US site has been edited, with other international Stores, including Australia, fully displaying the word across all categories of content.

Is the filter the beginning of a worldwide move by Apple to censor the term ‘jailbreak’ or was it applied mistakenly? If the former is true, content providers could have a new policy on their hands to contend with – for example ’70s rock band Thin Lizzy who have a hit song and album by the same name.

Apple has not yet commented on the matter. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

Update: Since publication, Apple has retracted its filter of the word ‘jailbreak’, with the word  appearing in full on the US iTunes Store once again.




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  1. xenicraft says:

    WTF?!!? This is not something I would expect from Apple. Seriously. WHY.

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