Apple awarded iBooks ‘page turning’ animation patent

David Price
15 November, 2012
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Roughly 11 months after applying for it, Apple has been awarded a patent for the distinctive ‘page-turning’ animation effect seen in iBooks and other apps on the iPad (not to mention the Kindle iPad app).

The animation is triggered by a swipe or tap near the edge of the page in iBooks, whereupon the next ‘leaf’ of whatever you’re reading curls over enticingly. You can even turn the page partway.

Imitating the flavour and feel of a real book, though, may be on the way out. Apple has come under fire for this ’skeumorphic’ approach – most pernicious in the ’leather effect’ backgrounds on some of its personal organisation apps – and it’s been widely rumoured that Jony Ives is not a fan.

Like it or not, the page turning animation is safely locked down now, and can be thrown into the patent vault for Tim Cook to swim in like Scrooge McDuck.

Apple page turning animation effect

We are obliged to Apple Insider for the story

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  1. Jamie says:

    That is just plain ludicrous! I’ve been able to turn pages like that in a physical book for years – long before Apple even existed.
    I’m afraid that, to me, this is another nail in the coffin for Apple in my books and it’s pushing me once again to go back to Windows. Yes Apple may make “sexy” hardware but in all reality why should I pay for a Ferarri when a custom build Chevy will be cheaper, do what I want, and be able to be customized and tinkered with to my hearts content.
    It saddens me to have spent a fortune on Apple gear over the years now as the almost $3000(NZ) the MacBook Pro cost would have got a far better spec’ed PC and left me with well over $1000 in the bank.

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