Apple and Sony emails on Wikileaks

Anthony Caruana
20 April, 2015
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WikiLeaks has released a large collection of emails from last year’s widely publicized hack of Sony including Apple agreements covering Sony’s video sales through iTunes, the Crackle Apple TV channel and other topics.

The Apple TV Crackle video service has a 3-year term ends in December 2016 with Sony retaining all advertising revenue. Apple says they will allow new types of overlaid/display ads on Crackle if they become technically feasible

The leaks included Apple’s agreements to distribute Sony videos through the iTunes Store. This includes the original agreement between the companies covering TV shows such as Charlie’s Angels and Who’s The Boss that was signed in 2007 with term extensions, high-definition amendments, and “Virtual Storage Locker” – the service that we now know as iTunes in the Cloud.

There were also revelation Sony games sold in the App Store, had revenues that far surpassed what they were making on competing platforms. That tallies up with a recent report on App Store revenues.

Apple and Sony product tie-ups, including product placements were also mentioned with some evidence of an effort by Dreamworks’ Jeffrey Katzenberg urging Sony not to collaborate with Apple – presumably because of the competition between Dreamworks and Pixar, and Steve jobs’ close relationship with Pixar. There was also an email from Katzenberg urging Sony not to “let someone like Apple build yet another asset on the back of your content.”


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