Apple adds new security measures to App Store

Karen Haslam
15 April, 2012
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Apple appears to have enhanced its iTunes account security by asking users a series of security questions on their iOS devices.

Users are confronted with a “Security Info Required” prompt and asked to provide answers to their choice of three security questions. Users are also asked to provide a second email address that can be used if the one associated with their Apple ID is compromised.

Once the user has entered their questions, answers and a backup email address, Apple then sends an email to verify the information provided. The email states: “The rescue email address is dedicated your security and allows Apple to get in touch if any account questions come up, such as the need to reset or change your security questions. As promised, Apple will never send you any announcements or marketing messages to this address, “ according to The Next Web.

The Next Web claims that when a user makes a purchase they will be asked the chosen security questions. As yet we haven’t seen this security request, however, when making purchases on an iPhone and iPad this morning we were not confronted with the usual request for password, and downloads just happened automatically.

Reports suggest that some users are being asked the same questions via iTunes on their computer.

The changes are likely to be an attempt to curb fraud and phishing attempts that have hijacked iTunes accounts. Concerns about such threats have lead to user confusion about the nature of Apple’s new request.  As one post states: “Why does app store keep popping up “security info required”? This happens after I put in my password. Is this something to be concerned about?”


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  1. Jurgen Gerhardt says:

    3 silly questions I can’t and won’t answer! Why not let the people create their security questions themselves?!
    As I am not able to answer these questions I won’t be able to buy any apps and books anymore. Sad – I’ll buy somewhere else or have very sadly change to Linux.

  2. en says:

    the questions are ridiculous!

  3. Richard says:

    Apples request for extra info is intrusive. The questions are quite personal and I’m not entirely comfortable with this. Interestingly they ask again for the user to enter their email address, the user ID is the users email address. I’ll just not buy any more apps for a while to see if this goes away.

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