Apple’s 5.5in iPhone 6 rumoured to be more powerful than the 4.7in model

Harry Tunnecliffe
5 August, 2014
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iPhone-6-rumours-macworld-australiaAs the commonly predicted announcement time of early to mid-September approaches, one Wall Street analyst believes that the rumoured two models of the iPhone 6 (4.7in and 5.5in screens) will feature different processors and touch modules.

AppleInsider reports that Cowen & Co analyst Timothy Arcuri cited Asian supply chain checks as his source when making the prediction during a note to investors. After receiving a copy of the report, AppleInsider concluded that it signalled the 5.5in iPhone would feature a more powerful application processor than the 4.7in model, but was not specific as to how wide the gap would be.

Arcuri predicted that “the processor in the 5.5in model could ship with a larger die, hinting at a more wide-ranging architectural split”, with the larger die potentially being a sign that “the 5.5in model will feature additional on-die silicon, such as a larger array of graphics processing cores”.

Arcuri also pointed to his sources suggesting that each of the two iPhone 6 models could contain different touch modules.

These differing specs and performance rumours make for interesting conversation when combined with the popular release date rumours.

As previously reported by Macworld Australia, the release of the larger of the rumoured two iPhone 6 models, the 5.5in display, may be pushed back as far as 2015 due to issues with the in-cell touch panels, colour unevenness and drop test performance.

While the processing speed prediction is simply that – a prediction – the delayed release rumour does nothing but support the prospect of two iPhone 6 models with differing processing speeds. This has the potential to create some interesting talking points, such as customers deciding whether to buy the ‘slower’ 4.7in iPhone 6 this year, or waiting up to several months for the ‘faster’, but also much bigger, 5.5in iPhone.

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