An ode to Magsafe

Anthony Caruana
26 March, 2018
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One of the best parts of my job as editor at Macworld Australia is receiving messages from readers. This one, from Andrew, resonated with me.

I think possibly some of the articles you publish get to be seen by Apple which aids In feedback to the company.

In defence of MagSafe and a possible improvement.

I own several Apple laptops with MagSafe. The connector has served well in preventing mishaps. The power supply however has not fared same. It has a critical weakness where the cord emerges. The cord usually is wrapped around the power supply for travel, and therefore is bent at right angles. Eventually this fractures and shorts the item or the plastic cover frays before it shorts.

Surely the solution is to use MagSafe on each end? Apple can sell an extra cord too and maybe a slightly longer one to recoup costs. An adapter for the latest USB-C port could offer same and prevent mishaps in the 12 MacBook.

Andre’s solution is elegant but, alas, Apple has abandoned the Magsafe connector on its most recent computers, preferring the USB-C connector.

I understand Apple’s point. That one port can be used for charging and connecting a wide variety of different peripherals. Storage, external displays, music devices – you name it and they can (or will soon) connect over that one port. But MagSafe was such an elegant solution to an old problem – stopping your entire computer going for a ride if the cable is trodden on. Placing a MagSafe on both ends is very clever.

But with Apple ditching this connector, I don’t think you’ll see it ever happen – even if Apple did pay attention to the words of macworld Australia’s writers and readers.


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  1. Arthur says:

    Agreed with Andrew. Totally

  2. Art Hackett says:

    Simples. USBc to MagSafe cable. I can’t believe we have to go back to the dark ages of plug in power, and no, there’s no way a MacBook Pro will run “eight” hours on battery when the bloody system runs all background services as if it were plugged in, never mind several tabs open running 16-80% each.

  3. udi says:

    If only the next USB standard adopted a MagSafe-like a connector.

  4. Peter Mackinlay says:

    MagSafe at both ends would be such an elegant solution. I can’t use my portable DVD drive (bought to extend the functionality of my old MacBook Air) because the cable has frayed where it exits the drive case and I don’t think it’s worth repairing. Or considering it’s age, replacing. Actually even a USB connection would have worked, too.

    So I encourage all my cabled devices: ‘Be not afrayed’.

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