Update: Alleged iPad mini parts leaked online

Mark Hattersley
20 August, 2012
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UPDATE: iResQ has released a new set of images of alleged iPad mini parts, showing the dock connector and headphone jack in both black and white at the base of the device. The parts are consistant with previous reports, however the dock connector features eight pins on the bottom on the connector and none on the top. If the images below are authentic, the iPad mini could launch with the iPhone in September.

Source: iResQ


Source: iResQ


Photographs of internal components for the rumoured Apple iPad mini with 7in display have started to appear online.

These photographs lend credibility to the belief that Apple is ready to launch a smaller, potentially cheaper, type of iPad for the holiday season.

Source: NWE

The most concincing component to leak is this image of the dock connector from French website NWE. They argue that the component is clearly too large for an iPhone, and has a different dock connection from the current iPad. Although the photograph suggests a 10-pin dock connection, rather than the 9-pin one everbody has been expecting.

Interestingly the headphone jack is on the bottom of the device, as on the iPod touch. This design motif could lend some credence to the idea that Apple will brand it as a large iPod touch, rather than small iPad mini. Although it’s all guesswork at this point. We have a convincing mock-up of what the iPad mini could look  like here.

The part is convincing, and Kyle Wiens of iFixIt (the people behind the popular Apple device teardowns) says that it appears to be a legitimate part.

One reason why we’ve remained somewhat sceptical about the 7in iPad mini is that we’ve not seen any convincing part leaks (photographs of internal components). While Apple goes to great lengths to secure the secrecy of its products, it has to make things at some point and usually the odd genuine photograph of an internal component leaks. There is also speculation that Apple itself is responsible for the leaks in order to generate buzz around the device launch.

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