Adobe Photoshop gets Retina Display update

Neil Bennett
13 June, 2012
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One detail from Apple’s WWDC keynote that many digital creatives will find interesting is that Adobe is working to build support for the new MacBook Pro’s Retina Display into Photoshop. Photoshop was mentioned alongside Apple’s own Final Cut Pro and Aperture – and Autodesk’s AutoCAD – by Apple’s Phil Schiller as tools Apple has been actively participating in helping work with the new display.

So why is an update necessary? Photoshop already runs fine on all-in-one computers with 2,560 x 1,440-resolution displays such as Apple’s own 27in iMac and the HP Z1 workstation. Well, with a display as small as the 15in MacBook Pros, interface elements such as buttons will be too small to easily click on – and much text will be unreadable. For comparison, the 27in iMac has a dpi of 109, the Retina display on the new MacBook Pro is more like 220dpi – so interface elements will appear half the real-size.

Mac OS X and its built-in apps such as Mail and iCal have been updated to scale up to a readable resolution. Photoshop will need to be updated in similar fashion.

No information has been released yet as to when the Photoshop update for Retina Display MacBook Pros will be released, nor whether Adobe will update the rest of Creative Suite 6 (CS6) for the new display. We’ve reached out to Adobe and will update the story when it responds.


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  1. Anders Therkildsen says:

    Any news – its really frustrates me that there still hasn’t been said a word about a release date?!

    All i could find was this:

    - And adobe hasn’t commented on it since it was written.

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