ACCC urges customers to be ready for NBN

Tania Cao
9 April, 2015
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Will you be ready when the NBN comes down your street?

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) strongly urges consumers to have better understanding of how the National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout in their area will affect their phone and Internet services.

Stressing the importance for consumers to have better knowledge, ACCC Commissioner Cristina Cifuentes states, “Our message to consumers is to seek as much information as you can about what you need to do to migrate to the NBN. If you want to keep your landline phone and Internet services, you should place an order for an NBN service by the disconnection date for your region or your current services will eventually be permanently disconnected.”

With half a million homes being further added to the NBN’s construction expansion, it is no wonder ACCC urges consumers to get educated about the rollout. According to NBN’s recent update, construction will commence by September 2016.

The NBN is a government initiative to upgrade Australia’s broadband infrastructure. With this upgrade, consumers will be provided with faster broadband connections, which will result in a significant change in how landline phone and Internet services are provided to consumers.

This initiative is implemented by NBN Co and is being built using a variety of broadband network technologies which include running fibre all the way to consumer’s premises, running fibre to a nearby box or apartment block and then using the existing cooper telephone wire, using existing cable
networks that can deliver pay TV services, using wireless technology to connect to a specific location, as opposed to mobile wireless and satellite.

The NBN has announced that it “will be progressively built over the next few years” and that “Once NBN Co has announced that your area is ready for service you will have 18 months to move your service to the new NBN network”.
Consumers should also understand that when the service is announced in their area, they need to contact their preferred telecommunication service provider to move to the NBN and that failure to do so will result in existing landline and Internet services to be permanently disconnected.

With more premises added onto the NBN rollout, the NBN now covers more than 1.3 million Australian homes and businesses with 870,000 homes and businesses able to order a service on the network.

Bill Morrow, NBN Co boss stated, “Our job is to ensure that all Australians can have access to fast broadband as soon and as efficiently as possible. Homes and businesses across Australia will benefit from the nationwide upgrade to Australia’s broadband infrastructure”.

To find out if the NBN rollout is available at your home or business, visit this website to enter in your address.

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