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Macworld Australia Staff
6 July, 2016
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Dear Subscriber

This is a first for me, writing a piece for the publication, yet I have been involved with Macworld for over 25 years, starting out as a production coordinator and fast moving into the commercial area and in recent years as the publisher. Working with multiple editors over the years, many of whom you will remember fondly, starting with Osmund Iversen (and his crazy April fool’s jokes) followed by Matthew J C Powell, Macworld Australia has been a huge part of my career. And, while many of you have been loyal and passionate about reading Macworld over the years, I have been passionate about delivering it to you.

You may be aware that print media as a whole has diminished substantially over recent years, many publications ceasing completely, others publishing in digital format only. The largest contributor to the downturn is related to advertising; without this support magazines are no longer a viable business. While readers remain a key component of attracting advertising, unfortunately it is no longer enough to secure the support needed, with advertisers choosing to place their marketing dollars online or in social media executions.

We have been fortunate to continue publishing Macworld Australia in print to-date; in fact, we are one of two remaining countries in the world to still publish the printed brand, along with the UK. This is all credit to you our readers, who have been incredibly loyal, many of you have been subscribing since the very first issue was published in the mid 80s.

Some of you will already be aware that there have been some changes to our frequency schedule with Macworld Australia. We would like to make clear that we apologise for the delay in publishing this message, it was not our intention to delay it, more a matter of evaluating what we needed to do before a final decision was made. As you may imagine with my own history on Macworld these decisions were made with a heavy heart.

Going forward, we will continue to deliver you the best content in Australia for Mac enthusiasts every two months in print. On the in between months you will have access to the US Macworld digital version as part of your subscription.

Your continued support is valued and will go a long way to helping Macworld continue in print for the foreseeable future.

You can reach me directly at joanne.davies@niche.com.au with any questions.

Yours sincerely

Joanne Davies, Publisher – Macworld Australia

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