’80s Apple apparel on display

Macworld Australia Staff
14 December, 2011
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These days, Apple fanatics can pocket their branded offerings from one of the world’s most powerful – and tech-savvy – companies with a slew of sleek, hip devices. But rewind back to the ’80s and things weren’t quite so discreet, or compact.

US fashion blog The Trad has posted a yesteryear catalogue of Apple apparel, entitled ‘The Apple Collection‘, showcasing the lengths (and threads) fans went to, in the name of consumer loyalty.

From Apple-branded scrunchies, to baggy jumpers and dodgy tracksuits, every kind of fashion cardinal sin was available for purchase.

The Trad’s post attracted numerus comments from readers, as reported by Australia’s Herald Sun:

‘One commenter wrote: “Most of that Apple clothing is just funny. Kind of ironic that Jobs went with the anti-fashion mock turtle neck and jeans look.”’

Check out the full range of couturier designs below.


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  1. Victor Caney says:

    I love the cover. I have been trying to get the date on the San Francisco newspaper on the floor. Notice the copy of The Bourne Supremacy on the book shelf. What is the black and yellow fish in the fish bowl?

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