$8 million iPhone for ultra-rich Aussie

Xavier Verhoeven
18 October, 2010
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Stuart Hughes, renowned for making blinged-out iPhones and iPads is at it again, this time with a multi-million dollar iPhone 4.

A step up from most of his previous designs – which range in price from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands – the £5 million iPhone (which equates to about $8 million Australian dollars) features 500 individual diamonds for a total of 100 carats. The Apple logo features 53 of them, while the Home button has interchangeable options: a 7.4 carat pink diamond and an 8 carat single cut flawless diamond that together make up more than £4 million of the phone’s value. Diamonds just wouldn’t look right against the iPhone’s rear glass panel, however, so Hughes has plated it in rose gold for good measure.

I’ll admit that I was going to pass this story by with little more than a “some people have far too much cash” comment, but then I realised the iPhone in question was commissioned by an Australian businessman. And he ordered two identical models. We may never know just who this ultra-rich Aussie is, but I hope he has another iPhone 4 to use when he’s out and about. I don’t imagine losing an $8 million dollar phone would be fun – no matter how rich you are. Thankfully, they do come with a protective box made from a block of pink granite with a leather lining to keep them pristine.

When asked about the design, Hughes said it was “a very exciting project”. “The diamonds are rare and difficult to source; stones like that usually have a very long history,” he added. “It was a fantastic challenge and I am really pleased with the end result – the phones look superb.”

Here I was thinking that buying a case to replace the free one I got from Apple was excessive.

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