2011 MacBook Pros experiencing sporadic GPU failures

Macworld Australia Staff
15 October, 2013
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Appleinsider.com has reported that multiple threads on Apple’s Support Communities forum have experienced a problem with the discrete AMD graphics processors on the early 2011 line-up of 15in and 17in MacBook Pros.

In some of the laptops affected the component has actually failed – leaving users with no option but to replace the logic board.

Those complaining of the issue note that the problem first manifests itself as a graphical glitch and, sometimes even more gravely, a complete system lock-up.

The issue was first highlighted back in February, but instances have increased notably in recent months. “Users of affected machines report that display discoloration, banding and image distortion are the most common visible symptoms, but many say that their computers suddenly freeze without any of the graphical warning signs,” says Appleinsider.com, before noting that even the default fix-all remedy – rebooting – in this instance doesn’t help.

According to users on the forums who have compiled some research, most people affected by the problem are using Pros with the AMD Radeon 6750M GPU, though the 6490M and 6970M GPUs also are causing concern.

With Apple yet to respond to the issue, the only recourse at present for users without AppleCare is an expensive trip to the replacement logic board shop.

by Macworld Australia staff

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