1. News
    May 11th, 2011 by Peter Sayer
    Microsoft buys Skype for $8.5 billion

    Microsoft has agreed to buy Skype for US$8.5 billion, the companies announced Tuesday. The boards of both companies have agreed to the deal, which...

  2. News
    June 29th, 2010 by Peter Sayer
    Google’s Chrome passes Safari in US browser share

    Google Chrome is now the third-most-popular browser in the US, behind Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox, but ahead of Apple’s...

  3. News
    Google readies Flash for Android devices

    Google will soon add the capability to play Flash videos to its Android mobile phone OS, Google product manager Eric Tseng announced at Mobile World...

  4. News
    Microsoft CEO unveils Windows Phone 7 Series software

    Microsoft unveiled the next version of its operating system for mobile phones, Windows Phone 7 Series, featuring a move away from applications and...

  5. Blogs
    EU accepts Microsoft’s commitments to offer browser choice

    Microsoft’s promise to allow Windows users to choose which Internet browser they use has been accepted by the European Commission, ending its...

  6. News
    VoloMedia claims a patent on podcasting

    Software developer VoloMedia has been awarded a U.S. patent that the company says covers the basic elements of podcasting, including subscribing...

  7. News
    Google agrees to delete unblurred German Street View data

    Google has agreed to delete some of the original, unblurred photographs captured by its German Street View service, ceding to demands by Hamburg’s...

  8. News
    Google offers top tip to help beat bots

    Google has put a new spin on the CAPTCHA, a way of helping Web sites distinguish between human visitors and bots: It wants people to tell it which...

  9. News
    After Gmail, Google wants to search your voice mail too

    Google has begun testing a service that will make transcripts of voice-mail messages and make them searchable.For now, Google will only offer voice-mail...

  10. News
    Google will let people choose how its ads target them

    Google plans to target online advertisements based on the sites people visit, not just the searches they make or the site on which the ad appears,...

  11. News
    Acer sees the future of smartphones as free

    Acer wants to bring the wholesale cost of smartphones down so far that mobile network operators can afford to give them away. It aims to release...

  12. News
    Google offers tool to let you track your friends’ movements

    Not content with indexing the world’s information, Google is now tracking where users of its maps service are, and making that location data searchable...

  13. News
    Paris appeals court confirms no iPhone exclusive for Orange

    Mobile phone operator Orange may not have exclusive rights to distribute Apple's iPhone in France, the Paris Court of Appeals confirmed Wednesday,...

  14. News
    IE lost share to Firefox, Safari and Chrome in December

    Web sites saw visitors deserting Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser in favour of Apple’s Safari, Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome...

  15. News
    Semiconductor sales dropped more sharply in November

    The decline in semiconductor sales accelerated in November, an industry body reported Friday.

  16. News
    Sony recalls 73,000 Vaio laptops due to burn hazard

    Sony is recalling 73,000 Vaio TZ laptops because of a possible manufacturing defect that may cause them to overheat.

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