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    LIVE UPDATE: Coverage of “Come See Our Latest Creation” Event

    The days of Apple tablet rumour-mongering may soon be coming to an end - Apple confirmed that it will hold an invitation-only event in San Francisco...

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    “MacSweeper” an unlovable rogue

    Some Macintosh users have encountered a security program whose function and web site have the tell-tale signs of a scam. Visitors to the website selling...

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    We accept the following standards. Please be aware that advertisements (in image and flash format) must be under 39kb in size. (Click links to view...

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    Flex the power of TextEdit

    Everyone writes. Whether you draft reports, make grocery lists, or author scholarly works, the tool you use for text may be the most important program...

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    Boost your palm

    The Palm platform, having been around for over ten years, is supported by tens of thousands of third party apps. However many of these were written...

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    Canon EOS 40D

    Canon’s energetic promotion of CMOS sensors leads to the release of the interchangeable lens EOS 40D — an excellent example of the breed. Resolution...

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    Pro File: Paul Mac

    Aside from his highly successful solo career and history as half of Itch-E and Scratch-E (aka Boo Boo and Mace!), Paul Mac is also part of The Dissociatives...

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    John Polson: Tropman

    AMW: What’s your take on how Tropfest has developed?JP: If you could get in a time machine and go back to ’93 when it started, most people...

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    NovaMind 4 Pro

    Mind-mapping is a form of visual outlining that can help you get a better overview of your projects, open your mind when brainstorming, take notes,...

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    Intel breaking European antitrust rules?

    The European Commission has accused Intel of abusing its dominant position in the microprocessor market to exclude its rival Advanced Micro Devices,...

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    Words of Woz

    Steve Wozniak isn’t perhaps as well known as his fellow Apple cofounder, Steve Jobs, but “Woz” invented the Apple I in 1976 and,...

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