How to create networked backups with OS X Server

Christopher Breen
4 April, 2014
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In this short video I show you how to create a backup server capable of handling all the Macs on your local network. Cost? Just $24.99.


We’ve pretty well established that everyone should back up their data, right? Good. Now let’s talk about easily backing up the data not only on your main computer, but those computers connected to your local network. There are a variety of remedies for doing this, but I want to show you one that uses Apple’s Time Machine technology and costs just US$20.

You’re going to spend that $24.99 on OS X Server, which you can purchase from the Mac App Store.

Once downloaded, attach a backup drive to the Mac that’s going to run server.

Now launch Server, select the Time Machine service, and flip the switch to On. Click the Plus button and the click on Choose. Select your backup drive. This will be where your networked volumes will be backed up. Now click Create. That volume will now appear as a backup destination.

Now move to a Mac on the same local network and open the Time Machine preference. Click the Select button and, well what do you know, there’s the volume attached to your other Mac that’s running server. Select it as a backup destination and Time Machine will do the right thing.

And that’s all there is to it. The Mac running Server will have to be up and running while other Macs are backing up – otherwise Time Machine on the networked Macs won’t be able to find the backup destination.

by Christopher Breen, Macworld 

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  1. Andy Carver says:

    24.99 plus cost of mac…..

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