Using video playlists on the iPhone/iPod touch

Christopher Breen
4 June, 2009
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iTunes has always treated videos differently, and it may not be immediately obvious how to make video playlists. The good news: iTunes does allow you to create video playlists. These playlists can contain each variety of video acceptable to iTunes—TV shows, music videos, and movies.

When you sync one of these playlists to a clickwheel iPod capable of playing video, that playlist will appear when you navigate to Videos -> Video Playlists. Here you’ll see the title of the playlist as well as the number of videos it contains—My Video Playlist, 3 Videos, for example. Select that playlist and press the centre button and the videos are listed in the resulting screen.

If you create a playlist that contains both music and videos, iTunes will allow it but issue a warning that reads:

Are you sure you want to mix music and videos in the same playlist? Most users prefer to keep them in separate playlists.

You’re welcome to click OK to ignore this warning and build the playlist as you please. When you sync it to a clickwheel iPod that supports videos, two playlists with that name will appear on the iPod. The first will appear along this path: Music -> Playlists -> name of playlist. This version of the playlist will contain the music tracks in the playlist. The second version appears here: Videos -> Video Playlists -> name of playlist. This playlist contains the original playlist’s videos.

Video playlists and the iPhone and iPod touch

The iPhone and iPod touch generally don’t respect video playlists. Sure, they’ll sync these playlists but, for the most part, they don’t gang together the items in them under one playlist entry. For example, if you create a video playlist that contains four of your favourite movies, those movies will be synced to your iPhone or iPod touch, but they’ll be listed separately under the Videos heading in the iPod app (iPhone) or Videos app (iPod touch).

Videos mixed in a music playlist with single audio track.

I use the weasel words “generally” and “for the most part” because you can trick the iPhone and iPod touch into placing your videos under a single heading. There are a couple of ways to do this.

One of the easiest is to create a mixed playlist that contains the videos you want and a single music track. When you do this and then sync the iPhone or iPod touch, you’ll find your playlist listed as a music playlist. Within that playlist you’ll see every item you added to the playlist. Tap a music track and it plays as you’d expect. Tap a video and it also plays. Unlike playing back videos via traditional means, however, these videos will play in both vertical and horizontal orientation.

You can also create a playlist with nothing but videos in it, select them all, press Command-I to produce the Multiple Item Information window, choose the Options tab, and select Music Video from the Media Kind pop-up menu. When you assign this tag to the movies, the playlist they belong to will appear as a music playlist. Again, just tap a video and it will play in both vertical and horizontal orientation.

Changing media type in the Multiple Item Information window.

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