Upgrading your device with the launch of iOS 8? Sell your old iPhone or iPad

Anjali Behl
23 June, 2014
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Thinking about a new device in spring? Sell your old device and save some money

iOS 8, apple, selling, buying, iPhone, iPadWhether you’re an Apple enthusiast or a new Apple user, chances are you’re already in love with the product and looking forward to iOS 8. And why not? Apple offers everything – good software, impressive industrial design, an engaging ecosystem of content and apps and a virtual gold standard of customer service and in-store experience.

So why should you think of selling your beloved Apple product? Well, maybe you will upgrade to an iPhone 6 when iOS 8 launches in spring? Or maybe you own an iPhone 4 and it will not run iOS 8? There are many other reasons. To name a couple…

Unlike its competitors, Apple does not believe in developing a huge matrix of products, instead the company continually reinvents its existing product range. It believes in reinventing existing products to improve functionality and optimise technical advancement. As a result the software and product designs only get better, therefore as a consumer you have less reason to hold on to your old products because they are bound to become second-class citizens.

For power users, upgrades in software are easy to comprehend, while an average rookie is easily charmed by the improved hardware design each time a new product is launched. In other words, no matter what your reason to buy an upgraded version of the product, you will be at the winning end of the deal. Likewise, no matter how long you decide to hold on to an old product, chances are the advancement in software technology and aesthetics will make it obsolete in the long run. So why not sell it before it’s too late?

If you’re thinking of selling your old products and didn’t know where to begin, check out the convenient reselling option through mResell. Here you can resell your Mac, iPad, iPhone and everything else from Apple at competitive prices through a safe and reliable channel. Selling is easy, just follow these few simple steps and make some quick money off your stacked-aside gadgets:

  1. Enter your product’s serial number.
  2. Fill out a few questions about the condition of your product. At the end, you will receive a quote.
  3. If you accept the quote, you will receive a pre-paid waybill. Post the product to our service partner iExperts Australia’s preferred Apple repair and refurbishment centre.
  4. We will transfer the money to your nominated bank account as soon as the product has been checked. Easy, safe and secure.

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