Travel Tip: Reducing costs for mobile comms

Anthony Caruana
23 April, 2015
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This week, your intrepid editor has been working from a security event at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. One of the hassles of our highly connected age is the high fees telcos impose when you make calls and use data outside your home country.

Before leaving Australia, we took the opportunity to buy a SIM card at the airport from SIMCorner. For $80 I was able to buy a SIM card that gives me unlimited data and calls within the US for a month. That’s significantly cheaper than what it costs to access data with Telstra’s roaming charges at $3 per MB.

When I purchased the card at SIMCorner, I simply paid with a credit card, no other documentation was needed. When I travel, I use a cheap Android phone as it lets me make and receive calls and it works as a hotspot. That way, I can keep my Mac, iPhone and iPad connected. Most of the time, I use my iPhone with Cellular Data switched off while tethered to the Android phone over WiFi.

My SIMcorner SIM card connects me to the T-Mobile network.

One of colleagues is with Vodafone. They offer roaming packs for $5 per day that works well although the at-home coverage with Telstra is a critical factor for me. Given where I live and work, I’ve found other carriers to have spotty coverage.

SIMCorner offers cards for other parts of the world but I’ve not tested those. I’ll be travelling in Asia later in the year so I’ll try them there and report back.


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  1. Vic says:

    why not just connect a voda casual service from $35 pm and use it for $5 IR per day for the time you need and disconnect when you get back? would still work out way cheaper and unlimited calls too.

  2. Tmatsci says:

    why not state $3000/GB it is much more dramatic than $3/MB and better reflects normal usage?

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