iOS 7: How to make iTunes Radio play more of what you want, less of what you don’t

Nick Mediati
24 September, 2013
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iOS 7 is here, and it’s the most radical update that Apple’s mobile OS has ever seen. But while the overhauled interface and bold new look is getting all the attention, iOS 7 comes with a bucketload of new features and enhancements that make it easier to use and more secure.

The new features are easy to use, but Apple’s radical overhaul of the iOS interface has made some of them a little tricky to find. We’ll show you how to locate and get the most out of 10 handy new features in iOS 7 – some of which you might not have even known existed.

How to make iTunes Radio play more of what you want, less of what you don’t

iTunes Radio, Apple’s new internet radio service that launches alongside iOS 7, gives you some limited control over what you hear – and what you don’t. Here’s how to make sure music not to your taste stays out of your stations.

Tap the star on iTunes Radio's Now Playing screen, and you can tell it whether you love or hate the current song.

Play more songs like your favourites

If you can’t get enough of Imagine Dragons‘ hit song ‘Radioactive‘ and want to hear more songs like it in your station, tap the star in iTunes Radio’s Now Playing screen, then tap Play More Like This. This will adjust the mix of songs you hear to include more songs that are similar in nature to that song.

Block songs

OK, maybe you can’t stand Imagine Dragons. Who am I to judge? It’s just as easy to block songs you don’t ever want to hear again. Ever. Tap the star, then tap Never Play This Song and iTunes Radio will banish that track from your station. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that you can block artists entirely, so while you might be able to block ‘Radioactive’, you still might have ‘It’s Time‘ pop up in your station.

Mix it up

In addition to specifying what specific tracks you want or don’t want to hear, you can also adjust your station’s general mix of songs to include only hits, or to also include more obscure songs.

To do so, tap the ‘i’ at the top of the iTunes Radio Now Playing screen. Under Tune This Station, you’ll see a slider that lets you choose your station’s breadth of song choice. Select Hits if you only want to play hits (this is the default), select Discovery if you want to only listen to lesser known tracks, and select Variety if you want a mix of both.

By default, iTunes Radio excludes tracks with explicit language, but if you aren’t easily offended, tap the switch next to Allow Explicit Tracks. Just don’t blame us if you want to wash your iPhone’s mouth out with soap, so to speak.

There is one catch: if you’re listening to one of Apple’s Featured Stations, you can’t block songs – you’re stuck with whatever Apple gives you, though you can still disallow explicit songs.

by Nick Mediati, TechHive


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  1. Richard Banham says:

    Great information but totally useless to Australians who don’t get internet radio with iOS7. I thought this was a Australian web site but clearly you are just copying US articles with little thought to its relevance here.

  2. Macworld Australia Staff says:

    We agree that it’s annoying that iTunes Radio is not here yet, but like everyone else we hope we won’t have too long to wait. Which is why we reported its launch as did such sites as Radio Today, which bills itself as ‘Australia’s leading radio site’.
    When it does get released here, expect an update – but you’ll already know all about what you can expect!

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