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Macworld Australia Staff
24 September, 2011
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Our very own Editor- in-Chief, Dave Bullard found a cool feature on Lion last week: Pressing c-P while selecting any item within the finder will print the document.

For example a PDF opens Preview, automatically prints and then closes Preview again. Very useful!


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  1. Paulie says:

    LOL That isn’t new; I can do that on my PowerBook running OSX Leopard (I think it’s even available in Tiger, but don’t quote me on that). It seems though Apple has touched it up as when I invoke the Cmd-P function from the Finder it launches the program, presents the print dialogue box but then leaves the application and document open.

    What would be even better is if the Finder could handle the print job entirely within itself; if Apple can make Preview a default reader for certain files, eg, PDF/DOC/XLS/PPT(X), etc then I’m sure it can make the Finder a helper app for them too.

  2. nobody says:

    This feature is f***ng annoying! Every 5th time I want to open 200+ pictures in Finder with cmd+O I accidentally hit nearby P key and for next five minutes there happens a “very entertaining” close-dialog-stop-printer-swear-close-again activity…

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